Here at Fantasia CBD we are committed to excellent products and top-notch service. Our products are manufactured with the highest quality ingredients in an FDA-approved facility in Pennsylvania.

Fantasia CBD’s products are CBD-infused versions of the award-winning Lindi Skin line. Lindi Skin was founded in 2003 when founder & CEO Lindy Snider witnessed two of her best friends endure the skin-related side effects of cancer treatment.

Lindy, also a cancer survivor, assembled a team of doctors and skin care experts to help her formulate the first skincare line that is Clinically Proven to soothe skin irritated by chemotherapy and radiation.

In 2013, Lindy’s life was changed by cancer again when both her parents were diagnosed. After seeing the positive effects of medicinal cannabis, she did a deep-dive into the field, rapidly becoming an industry leader.

Adding cannabis to the Lindi Skin line was an obvious fit… and led to the development of Fantasia CBD.

After 16 years of helping people with the most sensitive of skin, our skincare experts collected feedback from our users, worked closely with doctors and nurses, and coordinated with leading experts in the field of cannabis to create CBD products that are safe, effective, and affordable. 

Our Hemp-derived CBD is non-psychoactive (in laymen’s terms, it can’t make you “high”) and is entirely legal in all 50 states… making it perfect for men and women and children of any age.  

Ensuring Continuity

By managing all aspects of the products (from CBD Sourcing – to Manufacture – to Sales) internally, we ensure the highest quality control.   Fantasia’s closely monitored, quality controlled, high-end topical CBD skin care is assured to withstand the eminent FDA crack-down on the improperly manufactured, labeled and marketed CBD products currently on the market.

Currently, CBD topicals are not closely regulated or monitored by the FDA – which means a lot of the CBD products on the market are of inferior quality, ineffective and occasionally even dangerous.   In preparation for the pending FDA oversight, Fantasia adheres to all FDA production, labeling, and marketing guidelines.  When all the “gas station CBD” brands are shut down by the FDA, you’ll still be able to rely on Fantasia CBD topicals.   

"Perhaps the most remarkable thing about CBD is the sheer number and variety of its potential therapeutic applications."